Application Development

Jillella Group has excellency in Software Application Development. Our expertise lies in...

Web/mobile apps

With a goal to develop a unified, friendly design, with an easy-to-use interface with cross-platform consistency to improve the overall digital customer experience, and expertise in having built a number of smart and sleek web & mobile compatible applications for some of our customers, using highly modern technologies and concepts. Jillella Group strongly believes in a modular programming approach and have built a number of APIs using Restful concepts to abstract the business layer from the complexity and diversity of underlying systems.

User Experience design

Jillella Group provides thought leadership and engineering expertise together to enable next-generation design, and has expertise in some of the modern UI/UX design patterns -- such as Material design, boilerplate app templates & theming, Bootstrap and advanced CSS.

Business Intelligence & reporting

Augmenting our Data footprint Jillella Group takes pride in expertise to enable business owners gain deep insights into the data and make meaningful decisions. To this tune, Jillella Group has built sleek & modern dashboards, reporting solutions using some of the industry standard technologies such as PowerBI, Tableau, High Charts, SAP Business objects.

Centers of Excellence

Jillella Group has the following centers of excellence around web application software platforms.

Microsoft Suite (C#, .NET)

Part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), and a deep expertise and knowledge areas such as ASP .NET, C#, MVC, WCF, Web services etc.


Angular is evolving as one of the most popular platforms today to deliver self-sustained web solutions, and Jillella Group has delivered high quality Angular based applications using the latest versions at some of our clients.

Node JS

Being "light-weight" and "asynchronous" are reasons why there is a high adoption of JavaScript for server-side code, and at Jillella Group we fully embrace this modern thought process. Our members have multiple full-fledged Node JS implementations using advanced concepts such as web sockets, promises, asynchrony etc.. under their belt and building on this technology and the next (NextJS).


Java is object-oriented.This allows you to create modular programs and reusable code, Java's robustness, ease of use, cross-platform capabilities and security features, it has become a language of choice for providing worldwide Internet solutions.Jillella Group has delivered high quality Java based application to end users.

Web Content

In addition to web application platforms, Jillella Group has experience in installation, configuration and promoting usage of the software project management tools like JIRA, content management solutions like Confluence, SharePoint, Wordpress etc.

We also have experience in configuration & customization of CRM tools such as Salesforce, WordPress, Drupal and other Content Management Systems.

Jillella Group has also begun to gather expertise in SEO strategy and building applications built from the ground up to be indexable across crawlers to improve ranking through exposing appropriate content.

Integration & Migration

Jillella Group has helped a number of clients in data integration & migration efforts.

Data Integration

Living in a data-centric world Jillella Group understands the importance of data integrations. Jillella Group has engaged in and built a high number of real-time as well as batch data integrations between diverse, complex systems - and have delivered high quality results in ecosystems where volumes have scaled up to millions and billions of records. With great expertise in areas such as Data Quality (DQ), Data Standardization Cleansing, Data Stewardship etc. and experience stretching across some of the industry standard tools for data integration, such as Informatica, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Logic Apps, BizTalk, Jillella Group is a great partner for Data Integration tasks.

Data Architecture

expertise includes operational data stores, data warehouse and data mart implementations. At Jillella Group we've built large scale data warehousing solutions for customers from the ground-up, and our expertise stretches across various relational databases - such as Microsoft SQL server, Teradata, MySQL, Oracle.

Data Migration

Jillella Group understands the pain-points and challenges that organizations face in large scale data migration and centralization of data. Our Team members have a deep experience in understanding those challenges, and with experience in successfully implementing large scale migration & centralization of data from different types of legacy systems - ranging from excel spreadsheets, flat files, outdated CRM tools and relational databases.

Master Data Management

The engineers at Jillella Group have deep expertise in Master Data Management (MDM) concepts -- such as defining an organizational master data, reference data management, data stewardship, data quality, rules engine implementation etc.

Application Migration

Jillella Group is currently working with customers in moving their on-premises applications into the cloud (including applying updates and cloud"ifying") as well as migrating customers from legacy application bundles into new age paradigms (such as virtualization, cloud services and docker/kubernetes etc.)

ERP Implementations

All the current Jillella Group team members have worked on large scale software implementations prior to joining the group.

Other Services

Jillella Group specializes in the following services as well in addition to the core services.

Cloud infrastructure implementation

Cloud adoption is one of the major challenges faced by a number of IT organizations today. Jillella Group, provides a guiding hand in helping IT organizations with cloud adoption and, has a workforce with expertise in some of the leading cloud solution providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, Rackspace and with Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) models.

Testing Services

Jillella Group also has expertise in functional QA services and tools (such as Selenium) and as well as security and performance related testing services and enterprise tools such as Qualys, JMeter cloud, and Azure load test.

Staff Augmentation

Jillella Group has successfully partnered with customer IT teams in the past to provide resources with the required skillset to augment their teams and provide a burst of development expertise. Though not a principal model, Jillella Group is willing to work with existing customer IT leadership and management teams based on need and duration should such a need arise.

Testing Services

Jillella Group understands the importance of having an integrated QA setup. The team specializes in various aspect of QA - such as data validation, test automation, test documentation etc. and well versed with various issue/task/bug lifecycle systems.

Jillella Group also has expertise in:

Application Performance Testing & Tuning: Leading application performance test tools such as Cloud JMeter, Flood, Visual Studio load test etc., and technologies such as New Relic, Application Insights. Jillella Group has assisted customers in the past in tuning application performance across various tiers ranging from configuration, code, database tuning & optimizations.

Application Security Testing: Jillella Group has helped customers go through a complete security validation lifecycle - ranging from OWASP Top 10 security assessment, performing penetration and vulnerability testing using tools such as Qualys, OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite etc.


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