About Us

CodeFrontier Software Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jillella Group LLC, an IT Consulting & Services firm founded in 2015. Our core mission is to provide exceptional value to customers with a strong commitment to Excellence.


Our offshore center is a hub of dedicated software services and cutting-edge product development. Here, we foster a culture of excellence, where each member takes immense pride in being a “top-notch technologist,” constantly challenging themselves to grow and push boundaries.



While we may be small in size, we make up for it with our smart approach to logistics and management. Automation plays a key role, allowing us to streamline processes and meet professional commitments efficiently. By minimizing administrative burdens, we empower our talented human resources to focus on honing their skills and delivering value where it matters most to our clients.



What sets us apart is our youthful energy and dynamic spirit. With team members boasting IT experience ranging from 5-10 years, we bring a fresh perspective to the table. Our camaraderie is reminiscent of a family, fostering a collaborative environment that makes CodeFrontier Software an inspiring workplace for ambitious software and IT professionals. If you’re ready to channel your enthusiasm, drive, and thirst for knowledge, join us on this exciting journey to become the best in the industry!

Why Choose Us

Jillella group, a thriving company embodies the perfect fusion of work and play, where innovation flourishes and employees thrive. The environment here sets the stage for success, collaboration fuels creativity and aspirations soar.

With expertise spanning web and mobile application architecture, ETL processes, data warehousing and data design,  alongside cloud management and business intelligence, we empower our talented team to shape the future.

Our functional process extends to diverse sectors including higher education, non-profit organizations, civil aviation, private equity and finance, as well as the dynamic energy industry.

We foster a nurturing environment, valuing our employees’ well-being and growth, offering dedicated software services to customers and unleashing the potential of cutting-edge technologies.


ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
since 2021

ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System since 2021

ISO 20000-1 - Information Technology - Service Management since 2021

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Jillella Group has achieved a milestone by becoming a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
in 2021

Srinivas Jillella

Founder & CEO

An accomplished tech innovator, seasoned industry leader, visionary Founder and CEO.


India Head & Director

Spearheads offshore delivery across diverse projects, showcasing exceptional leadership and strategic prowess.



A seasoned techno-managerial leader and domain expert, with passion towards mobile driven applications.

Our Team

Meet our dynamic team, a collective force of innovation and expertise, ready to tackle challenges and drive success with passion and creativity

Embrace the extraordinary: Join our trailblazing team and pave the way to an exceptional future

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