Data Engineering

Modern data driven analytics solutions

Data Integration

Streamlining Data Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

In our data-centric world, Jillella Group thrives on the power of seamless data integrations. We specialize in real-time and batch integrations, effortlessly connecting diverse and complex systems. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results at massive scales, handling millions and billions of records, we possess expertise in Data Quality, Standardization, Cleansing, and Stewardship. Leveraging industry-standard tools like Informatica, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and Logic Apps, we are your trusted partner for tackling any data integration challenge with finesse.

Data Architecture

Unleashing the Power of Data: Crafting Architectural Marvels for Performance and Scalability

At Jillella Group, we dive deep into the data realm, constructing operational data stores, data warehouses, and data marts that stand as impressive feats of architectural prowess. Our experience spans a range of relational databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, MySQL, and Oracle, enabling us to build robust and scalable solutions that transform raw data into valuable insights. From conceptualization to implementation, we embark on a data adventure, crafting magnificent structures that empower businesses to conquer the data universe with confidence and ease.

Data Migration

Seamless Data Transition: Effortless Migration Solutions

At Jillella Group, we empathize with the challenges encountered when undertaking large-scale data migration and centralization. Our team members possess extensive experience in comprehending these pain points, successfully implementing migration projects, and centralizing data from diverse legacy systems. Whether it is transforming Excel spreadsheets, flat files, or relational databases, we have the expertise to streamline the process and ensure a seamless transition.

Master Data Management

Harnessing the Power of Data: Mastering Data Management for Business Success

At Jillella Group, our engineers possess extensive expertise in the realm of Master Data Management (MDM). From defining organizational master data to implementing rules engines, data stewardship, and ensuring data quality, our team is well-versed in the intricacies of MDM concepts. With our deep understanding and innovative approaches, we empower businesses to unlock the true value of data and drive success in the digital age.

Application Migration

Smooth Application Migration: Transferring Software for Improved Performance and Efficiency

Jillella Group, with expertise in application migration, unlocks the true potential of software by seamlessly shifting it into the cloud, where updates are effortlessly applied, and innovation thrives. Embracing cutting-edge paradigms like virtualization, cloud services, and docker/Kubernetes, we sculpt a future-ready landscape that amplifies your business’s agility and propels you toward unprecedented success. 

ERP Implementations

Revolutionizing Business Operations: Successful Implementation of an ERP System

We at Jillella Group, have not only worked on large-scale software implementations, but we have also conquered the challenges with unmatched expertise, transforming each project into a captivating adventure. Our diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets have allowed us to navigate through the treacherous waters of ERP implementation, overcoming obstacles with unwavering determination and ingenious problem-solving.

Data Engineering on cloud

Jillella Group has vast expertise in implementing data integration solutions on the cloud – especially Microsoft Azure – using tools such as Azure Data Factory, Synapse Analytics, Event hubs, Data bricks, and data flows. This expertise has allowed us to be successful in large transformational projects for enterprise-scale clients, wherein we have transitioned from a legacy/on-premise data warehouse to a modern, flexible cloud-driven approach.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Jillella Group takes data analysis to the next level, empowering business owners to unlock the true potential of their data and make informed decisions. With our expertise, we have developed sleek and modern dashboards and reporting solutions using industry-standard technologies like PowerBI, Tableau, High Charts, and SAP Business Objects. Our visually stunning and intuitive data visualizations allow you to explore insights effortlessly and uncover hidden patterns, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. Let us supercharge your data footprint and unleash the power of analytics for your business success.